About Us

About Us

Our names are Kevin and Betty, and after a lifetime association with dogs our first "Pedigree" dog was a Samoyed in the early 60's.

After this wonderful pet we purchased our German Shepherd dog named Albata Oscar (Buddy), in whose memory we registered our Prefix.

Our first show dogs where 3 Australian Kelpies . A wonderful time was spent with these 3 dogs (Strings, Disco and Ruffy).

Over a period of some 5 years we enjoyed many Royal Best of Breeds, Challenges and Reserve Challenges, in Group and Best in Show awards.

Then we add the Shiba Inu to our Kennels. This Beautiful little breed won us over with their arrogance, independence and loyalty. We have had many Royal Best of Breed, Challenges and at Championship level Classes in Show, Best in Groups and Classes in Groups.

Five years ago we added the German Spitz (Mittel) being Bundy, Rum, Coke to our kennels. In these 5 years we have had many Royal Show Best of Breed and Challenges with Classes in Show, Runner Up in Groups and Classes in Groups from these fabulous companion dogs.

In 2010 we have added the German Spitz Klein to our kennels.




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